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About us


Nicole Jones

Born and raised in Georgia, Nicole Jones is the definition of a Georgia Peach. Her love of fashion began at an early age: As a precocious three-year-old, Nicole began picking out her own clothing. In elementary school, the budding fashionista would alter and add to her clothes to make them uniquely her own. After graduating from Bauder Fashion College with a degree in fashion merchandising, Nicole began to pursue her dream of becoming a buyer. But while interning at Ralph Lauren, she realized that she did not want to leave her home state and started a career in real estate to stay in Georgia. 11 successful years later, Nicole felt something was missing. Married to Major League Baseball player Andruw Jones and the mother of two children (Madison and Druw), Nicole realized that something was fashion.

Chantel Watkins


A Midwest gal at heart, Chantel Watkins was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. In 1992, Chantel was studying at Northern Illinois University when her mother was diagnosed with a deadly illness. Chantel immediately picked up and moved to Atlanta to be near her and decided to make Georgia her full-time home. After finishing her degree in marketing, Chantel sought out a career that would allow her to thrive, grow and soak up life in the south. She found that in the music industry with So So Def.

Despite all her success with So So Def, Chantel, too, felt something was missing in her life. She found the missing link when HONESTY was launched in 2009.





Chantel Watkins and Nicole Jones had been friends for six years when they realized they had something beyond their friendship in common: Both women had decided to launch a jewelry line without knowing about the others’ plans to do so. The obvious next step was to partner up.

With Nicole’s fashion degree and Chantel’s marketing degree, the duo became an unstoppable force, launching HONESTY in April of 2009. The line’s exquisite, hand-crafted pieces utilize antique charms, original hand-fabricated metalpieces, natural gemstones and religious crosses to create wearable art.

The popular line has developed quite a following: HONESTY clients have dubbed themselves “HONESTY addicts.” To that, the HONESTY girls respond, “Admitting it is the first step. However, the only known treatment is to continue to purchase more HONESTY. Notice, we say treatment, not cure. There is no known cure for an HONESTY addiction. Treatment will leave you with feelings of joy and fulfillment. Please contact us to begin treatment today!”